Some New Pokemon Analyses!

This week’s all about Pokemon X and Y. Check out some new videos:

The Pokemon Generation Reaches Adulthood – A Pokemon Lifer’s Retrospective (Digibro) [++]


A video about my history with Pokemon, and how the franchise resonates with my generation.

The Pokemon X and Y French Connection (Game Exchange) [++]


This is the first episode of Game Exchange I’ve featured on the site, and will likely prompt the addition of a creator page for the show. It’s one no Pokemon fan should miss!


10 Things That Need to Be Fixed In the Next 3D Pokemon Game (Digibro) [+]

Me again, this time with a list of grievances. Gotta balance out all that glowing praise!



Who woulda thought the week after opening this site would be a great week for analysis videos? Check out some new additions by the channels which are featured already on the site!

Critical Close-Up: Metal Gear Solid 3 (Super Bunnyhop) [+++]


Yet another must-watch MGS analysis from the guys at Super Bunnyhop, this will go down as one of my favorite, and one of the most important game analyses of the year, so be sure and watch it!!

Controlling vs. “Being” Your video Game Avatar (PBS Idea Channel) [+]


Weirdly unfocused for an Idea Channel video, but an interesting idea nonetheless.

The Wind Waker HD Review (Matthewmatosis) [+]


A follow-up to the Wind Waker review from Matthewmatosis’ epic review series of all the 3D Zelda games. Worth a watch if you’ve seen his original review.

How Many Countries Are There? (CGP Grey) [+]


Not necessarily the most informative CGP Grey video, but if you’ve ever pondered the question, here’s the answer.

Review: The Stanley Parable (Super Bunnyhop) [+]


On the conversion of a cult classic mod to a full game. Worth a look if you’re interested.

Culture Analysis: The Backlash Against “Perfect” Characters (Digibro) [++]


Hey, it’s this guy! This is a video about taking responsibility as a viewer, or something.

Quick Cuts: Escape From Tomorrow (Red Letter Media) [+]


Red Letter Media has a new series of short reviews of strange indie films. Good reviewing and interesting movies make it worth a look!

Quick Cuts: WNUF Halloween Special (Red Letter Media) [+]


More Quick Cuts!

“Keep Your Politics Out of My Video Games!” (Errant Signal) [++]


An important part of a cultural movement in gaming that I’m following closely. Definitely check out if you’re into gaming.

Pokemon X and Y Review (Tamashii Hiroka) [+]


An excellent, very technical review of the new Pokemon game, worth a look if you’re into it.

Pretty damn big week! I’m gonna have to keep up a little better to not have giant posts like this XD

New Addition! My Top 5 Favorite Ponies (Tommy Oliver) [++]

In the latest video by Tommy Oliver, he breaks down his favorite ponies, besides the ones he’d already talked about in other videos, and details what makes them so special. It’s a great set of character analyses so check it out if you’re into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!