Browse By Analyst

These are people that do analysis, and all of them are badasses. Clicking their names will bring you to a list of posts that I want you to see.

Antony C (Ponies, Films) [Videos]

C. G. P. Grey (Educational) [Videos, Text]

Clover Keen (Ponies) [Videos]

Digibro (All Mediums) [Videos, Text, Podcasts]

Drowning In Footwear (Video Games, Films, Ponies, Rants) [Videos]

Egoraptor (Video Games) [Videos]

Errant Signal (Video Games) [Videos, Text]

The Gaming Brit (Video Games) [Videos]

Grant Beaudette (Animation) [Videos]

JonTron (Video Games, Films) [Videos]

Matthewmatosis (Video Games) [Videos]

MrBtongue (Video Games, Films, Culture) [Videos]

PBS Idea Channel (All Mediums, Educational) [Videos]

Red Letter Media (Film) [Videos]

Rookiewompus (Ponies) [Videos]

Super Bunnyhop (Video Games) [Videos]

Tamashii Hiroka (Video Games) [Videos]

The Needle Drop (Music) [Videos]

Tommy Oliver (MLP, Anime, Other) [Videos]

Yahtzee Croshaw (Video Games) [Videos, Text]


2 thoughts on “Browse By Analyst

  1. I personally recommend the series “Superhero Rewind” from the YouTube Channel “Geekvolution”
    Here’s a link to a playlist:

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