Rookiewompus analyzes My Little Pony often from a very personal and/or feminist perspective, with a strong focus on character interactions. She has mentioned an interest in analyzing anime in the future as well.


[+++ = Must-see. ++ = See if you’re into the medium. + = See if you’re into the subject/analyst.]
[Organized in reverse-chronological order. Only includes posts I’ve seen.]


My Little Pony Analysis


Overthinking My Little Pony: Fall Weather Friends (+)


Overthinking My Little Pony: Feeling Pinkie Keen and Framing (++)


Overthinking My Little Pony: Griffon the Brush-Off (+)


Overthinking My Little Pony: Stereotypes and A Dog and Pony Show (++)


Overthinking My Little Pony: Princess Cadence and Alicorns (+)


Overthinking My Little Pony: Green Isn’t Your Color (++)


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