What Is This?

I am Digibro, and The Digi Bump is my personal archive of analytical posts that I want you to see. The site is completely non-profit, and exists for the sole purposes of giving people stuff to watch, as well as promoting my favorite analysts.

This site can be browsed in three formats:

Browse By Analyst: An alphabetical list of every analyst featured on the site, with notations on what they analyze and how their analysis is presented. Each page contains a blurb about the analyst’s style, followed by a list of posts that I want you to see (including embeds for videos). These lists are broken up by mediums, and organized from newest to oldest.

Browse By Necessity: This list is organized to promote what I consider the best content. The +++ “Must-See” post are ones that I think anyone with an interest in analysis needs to see. The ++ posts are ones that anyone with an interest in the medium or subject matter being discussed ought to see. + posts are ones that those who really enjoy the style of the analyst, or are invested in the subject matter, ought to see. These lists are also broken up by medium, and are organized by how much I think they need to be seen.

Browse By Subject: Here the posts are organized by subject matter. There are separate lists for each medium, and the individual subjects are organized alphabetically.


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