Tommy Oliver


Tommy Oliver, also known as Bronycurious, achieved popularity as a My Little Pony analyst and reviewer, and has since begun broadening his subject matter into other fields. He puts a lot of emphasis on narrative coherence and pacing in his reviews, and is known for elaborate and interesting headcanons. He also writes fanfiction and does illustrations and comics.



[+++ = Must-see. ++ = See if you’re into the medium. + = See if you’re into the subject/analyst.]
[Organized in reverse-chronological order. Only includes posts I’ve seen.]


My Little Pony Analysis


My Top 5 Favorite Ponies [++]


Canterlot Wedding 2: The Big Fix [+]


Luna the Dreamwalker [+]


What Is A Cutie Mark? [+]


Why I Love Trixie So Much (And Why Others Do Too) [++]


Celestia, Luna, and the History of Equestria [+]


My Little Pony Tales Is the Anti-FIM [+++]


Final Thoughts On Magical Mystery Cure [++]


Why Suited For Success Is The BEST MLP Episode [+++]


My Little Comments 9: Magical Mystery Cure [++]


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