Grant Beaudette


Grant Beaudette is an animator who very briefly ran a series of analytical videos about the animation in My Little Pony, along with other animated works. While they are few in number, they’re some of the best analysis videos on animation that I’ve found.


[+++ = Must-see. ++ = See if you’re into the medium. + = See if you’re into the subject/analyst.]
[Organized in reverse-chronological order. Only includes posts I’ve seen.]


My Little Pony Analysis


MLP Animation Analysis: Winging It [++]


MLP Animation Analysis: Walk It Off [++]


MLP Animation Analysis: Da Magics [+]


MLP Animation Analysis: Talk Is Cheap [++]


MLP Animation Analysis: Painting Zip Lines [+]


MLP Animation Analysis: Fluttershy’s Dramatic Camera Move [++]


MLP Animation Analysis: Applejack Throws A Hay Bale [+]


Breaking Down A Walk Cycle- My Little Pony: FIM Animation Analysis [+++]


Anime Analysis


Fullmetal Alchemist: A Look At Shot Composition [++]


TV Show Analysis


Connecting Facial Expressions- Avatar: The Last Airbender [+]


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