Culture Analysis


Are There Two Nicola Teslas? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

Are You A Hipster? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

Difficulty Begets Hot-Blooded Fandoms (Digibro) [++]

How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful? (PBS Idea Channel) [+]

How Will the Animated GIF Effect the Presidential Election? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

How PewDiePie Conquered Youtube (Game Theory) [+++]

Is A Tagged Instagram More Than Just A Photo? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

Is the Internet Cats? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

Is the Internet Making Us Smarter? (PBS Idea Channel) [+]

Is There An Introvert Craze Because of Technology? (PBS Idea Channel) [+]

On Loving the Idea of a Character or Show More Than the Reality (Digibro) [++]

Patience and Appreciation (Digibro) [+++]

The Fandom of Media vs. The Cult of the Work (Digibro) (+)

There’s No Such Thing As Offline?!? (PBS Idea Channel) [++]

TUN: Cyberpunk Is Back (MrBtongue) [+]

Why Do We Love Zombies? (PBS Idea Channel) [+]

Works As Context For One-Another (Digibro) [++]


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