My Little Pony Analysis


Episode 4: Applebuck Season

Thoroughly Fanboying “Applebuck Season” (Digibro) [+]

Episode 5: Griffon the Brush-Off

Overthinking My Little Pony: Griffon the Brush-Off (Rookiewompus) [+]

Episode 6: Boast Busters

A Counter Analysis of Boast Busters (Clover Keen) [+]

Finally Revisiting “Boast Busters” (Digibro) [++]

Episode 8: Look Before You Sleep

Thoroughly Analyzing “Look Before You Sleep” (Digibro) [+]

Episode 13: Fall Weather Friends

Overthinking My Little Pony: Fall Weather Friends (Rookiewompus) [+]

Episode 14: Suited For Success

Why Suited For Success Is The BEST MLP Episode (Tommy Oliver) [+++]

Episode 15: Feeling Pinkie Keen

Overthinking My Little Pony: Feeling Pinkie Keen and Framing (Rookiewompus) [++]

Episode 19: A Dog and Pony Show

Overthinking My Little Pony: Stereotypes and A Dog And Pony Show (Rookiewompus) [++]

Episode 20: Green Isn’t Your Color

Overthinking My Little Pony: Green Isn’t Your Color (Rookiewompus) [++]

Episode 23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Observations on MLP: Mane Six Ages/Thoroughly Analyzing “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” (Digibro) [++]

Episode 26: The Best Night Ever

Thoroughly Analyzing “The Best Night Ever” (Digibro) [+++]

Episodes 27 and 28: The Return of Harmony

Observations on MLP: Free Will/Thoroughly Analyzing “The Return of Harmony”(Digibro) [++]

Episode 41: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Flim Flam Brothers Top 5 (RiM) (Antony C) [++]

Episode 46: It’s About Time

MLP – Reviewing is Magic – Episode 2 (Antony C) [++]

Episodes 51 and 52: A Canterlot Wedding

Canterlot Wedding 2: The Big Fix (Tommy Oliver/Antony C/Digibro) [+]

Episodes 53 and 54: The Crystal Empire

The Crystal Empire Review (Drowning in Footwear) [+]

Episode 55: Too Many Pinkie Pies

Thoroughly Analyzing “Too Many Pinkie Pies” (Digibro) [+]

Episode 56: Magic Duel

Thoroughly Analyzing “Magic Duel” (Digibro) [+]

Episode 58: Wonderbolt Academy

Letters To Celestia: The (Wonderbolt) Academy of Life (Clover Keen) [++]

Episode 65: Magical Mystery Cure

Final Thoughts On Magical Mystery Cure (Tommy Oliver) [++]

My Little Comments 9: Magical Mystery Cure (Tommy Oliver) [++]

Equestria Girls

Thoroughly Analyzing “Equestria Girls” (Digibro) [++]



Antibrony Equation (Antony C) [+]

Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity? (PBS Idea Channel) [+]

Celebrating One Year of Bronydom! (Also, Why Do I Love This Show?) (Digibro) [++]



Analysing Applejack (Clover Keen) [+]

Luna the Dreamwalker (Tommy Oliver) [+]

My Top 5 Favorite Ponies (Tommy Oliver) [++]

Observations on MLP: Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle (Digibro) [++]

Overthinking My Little Pony: Princess Cadence and Alicorns (Rookiewompus) [+]

What Applejack and Rainbow Dash’s Cutie Marks Should’ve Been (Digibro) [+]

Why I Love Trixie So Much (And Why Others Do, Too) (Tommy Oliver) [++]



Breaking Down A Walk Cycle- My Little Pony: FIM Animation Analysis (Grant Beaudette) [+++]

MLP Animation Analysis: Applejack Throws A Hay Bale (Grant Beaudette) [+]

MLP Animation Analysis: Da Magics (Grant Beaudette) [+]

MLP Animation Analysis: Fluttershy’s Dramatic Camera Move (Grant Beaudette) [++]

MLP Animation Analysis: Painting Zip Lines (Grant Beaudette) [+]

MLP Animation Analysis: Talk Is Cheap (Grant Beaudette) [++]

MLP Animation Analysis: Walk It Off (Grant Beaudette) [++]

MLP Animation Analysis: Winging It (Grant Beaudette) [++]


Fan Content

Analyzing “Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie” (Digibro) [+]

Analyzing “Ask Princess Molestia and Gamer Luna” (Digibro) [+]

Fanfic Review: “Vinyl and Octavia: University Days” (Digibro) [+]

Thoroughly Analyzing “Double Rainboom” (Digibro/Tommy Oliver) [+]

Thoroughly Analyzing “Snowdrop” (Digibro) [+]



Celestia, Luna, and the History of Equestria (Tommy Oliver) [+]

MLP -Reviewing is Magic- Episode 3 (mailbag) (Antony C) [++]

My Little Destiny (Or Why the Journey is Itself the Objective!) (Clover Keen) [+]

My Little Pony Tales Is the Anti-FIM (Tommy Oliver) [+++]

Random Headcanons/Wishful Thinking: Why Some Ponies Get Their Cutie Marks Late (Digibro) [+]

Romantic Love (Or the Lack Of) In MLP (Clover Keen) [+]

Observations on MLP: Authorial Intent (Digibro) [+]

Observations on MLP: Characterization (Digibro) [+++]

Observations on MLP: Density (Digibro) [++]

Observations on MLP: Destiny (Digibro) [+]

Observations on MLP: Embracing Girliness (Digibro) [+++]

Observations on MLP: Pony Mating Habits (Digibro) [++]

Observations on MLP: Where Are The Stallions? (Digibro) [++]

Update 2600 (Antony C) [+]

What Is A Cutie Mark? (Tommy Oliver) [+]


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