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Culture Analysis


There’s No Such Thing As Offline?!? (PBS Idea Channel)

Are There Two Nicola Teslas? (PBS Idea Channel)

How Will the Animated GIF Effect the Presidential Election? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is A Tagged Instagram More Than Just A Photo? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is the Internet Cats? (PBS Idea Channel)

Are You A Hipster? (PBS Idea Channel)


Video Game Analysis


Mass Effect 3 Ending: Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage (MrBtongue)

Half-Life (Errant Signal)

Metroid Other M (Why it SUCKS) Mega Review (The Gaming Brit)

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (JonTron)

Superman 64 is pretty good! (Drowning in Footwear)

Sequelitis – Super Castlevania 4 (Egoraptor)

3D Metroid Dissection (Why Other M Failed Where Prime Didn’t) (the Gaming Brit)

TUN: Slow Down the Violence (MrBtongue)

Critical Close-Up: Zelda (Part 1) (Super Bunnyhop)

Critical Close-Up: Zelda (Part 2) (Super Bunnyhop)

Photorealism (Errant Signal)

Difficulty: Not Every Game Is For Everybody (The Gaming Brit)

Metal Gear Solid 2 Review (Matthewmatosis)

TUN: Un-Ruining the MMO (MrBtongue)

Tom Clancy’s Contribution To Gaming (Super Bunnyhop)

The Disconnect of Death (The Gaming Brit)

Metal Gear Solid Review (Matthewmatosis)

Thoroughly Analyzing “The Last of Us” (Digibro)

Rant: Games Are Too Expensive (Drowning in Footwear)

Phil Fish vs. The Internet (incl. Fex review!) (Super Bunnyhop)

Devil May Cry Retrospective (The Gaming Brit)

Skyward Sword Review (Matthewmatosis)

TUN: The Elder Scrolls VI: Youtubia (MrBtongue)

Top 10 Most Overrated Pokemon (Tamashii Hiroka)

Revengeance Review (Matthewmatosis)

How Fast Is Sonic The Hedgehog? (Game Theory)

Majora’s Mask Review (Matthewmatosis)

Sonic and Speed (Errant Signal)

Underrated Games – Ghost Trick (Matthewmatosis)

Donkey Kong Country, Banana Wars (Game Theory)

How To Make A Single-Player Battlefield Game (Super Bunnyhop)

The Last of Us Review (Matthewmatosis) 

Why There Isn’t A Pokemon MMO (Tamashii Hiroka)

Underrated Games – SpaceChem (Matthewmatosis)

Top 10 SNES Games (JonTron)

Spec Ops: The Line (Errant Signal)

Best Boobs In Gaming (Game Theory)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Muramasa – The Demon Blade” (Digibro)

Video Game Crossovers: Mario RPG, to God of War, to Real Life (Game Theory)

Tony Hawk (Errant Signal)

Review: Gone Home (Super Bunnyhop)

Little Inferno (Errant Signal)

Is Buying Call of Duty A Moral Choice? (PBS Idea Channel)

The Metroid Morph Ball Is LAME (Game Theory)

Dishonored (Errant Signal)

Tomb Raider (Errant Signal)

Bioshock Infinite (Errant Signal)

AARPG – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review (Digibro)

The Last of Us (Errant Signal)

Hotline Miami (Errant Signal)

Starfox Adventures: Stairfax Temperatures (JonTron)

Max Payne 3 (Errant Signal)

Top 10 Games To Play When You’re Sick (Drowning in Footwear)


Anime Analysis


Fullmetal Alchemist: A Look At Shot Composition (Grant Beaudette)


Film Analysis


Mr. Plinkett Review: Titanic (Red Letter Media)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Red Letter Media)

Negative Nelly vs. Star Trek (Antony C)

Star Trek (’09) (Red Letter Media)

Star Trek: First Contact (Red Letter Media)

Star Trek: Nemesis (Red Letter Media)

Star Trek: Generations (Red Letter Media)

Star Trek: Insurrection (Red Letter Media)

How Is Jurassic Park A Commentary On Capitalism? (PBS Idea Channel)

Baby’s Day Out (Red Letter Media)


My Little Pony Analysis


Overthinking My Little Pony: Green Isn’t Your Color (Rookiewompus)

Observations on MLP: Free Will/Thoroughly Analyzing “The Return of Harmony” (Digibro)

Flim Flam Brothers Top 5 (RiM) (Antony C)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Equestria Girls” (Digibro)

Observations on MLP: Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle (Digibro)

Letters To Celestia: The (Wonderbolt) Academy of Life (Clover Keen)

My Little Comments 9: Magical Mystery Cure (Tommy Oliver)

Final Thoughts On Magical Mystery Cure (Tommy Oliver)

Overthinking My Little Pony: Stereotypes and A Dog And Pony Show (Rookiewompus)

Observations on MLP: Mane Six Ages/Thoroughly Analyzing “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” (Digibro)

Observations on MLP: Density (Digibro)

My Top 5 Favorite Ponies (Tommy Oliver)

MLP Animation Analysis: Fluttershy’s Dramatic Camera Move (Grant Beaudette)

Why I Love Trixie So Much (And Why Others Do, Too) (Tommy Oliver)

My Little Destiny (Or Why the Journey is Itself the Objective!) (Clover Keen)

MLP – Reviewing is Magic – Episode 2 (Antony C)

MLP Animation Analysis: Talk Is Cheap (Grant Beaudette)

Celebrating One Year of Bronydom! (Also, Why Do I Love This Show?) (Digibro)

Romantic Love (Or the Lack Of) In MLP (Clover Keen)

Observations on MLP: Pony Mating Habits (Digibro) 

Overthinking My Little Pony: Feeling Pinkie Keen and Framing (Rookiewompus)

MLP -Reviewing is Magic- Episode 3 (mailbag) (Antony C)

MLP Animation Analysis: Walk It Off (Grant Beaudette)

Observations on MLP: Where Are The Stallions? (Digibro)

MLP Animation Analysis: Winging It (Grant Beaudette)

Finally Revisiting “Boast Busters” (Digibro)


TV Show Analysis


Is Piracy Helping Game of Thrones? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is Nostalgia the Reason For Adventure Time’s Amazing Awesomeness? (PBS Idea Channel)


Music Analysis


Getting Your Music Out There (The Needle Drop)

Real ____? (The Needle Drop)

Should “Happy Birthday” Be Protected By Copyright? (PBS Idea Channel)

Image Affects You (The Needle Drop)

Are Genres Good? (The Needle Drop)

Ratings / Scores: Why? (The Needle Drop)


Educational Videos


Is Pluto A Planet? (C.G.P. Grey)

Is Google Knowledge? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is Math A Feature of the Universe, Or A Feature of Human Creation? (PBS Idea Channel)

Digital Aristotle: Thoughts on the Future of Education (C.G.P. Grey)

Daylight Saving’s Time Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

The (Secret) City of London Part Two: History (C.G.P. Grey)

Gerrymandering Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

The Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England (C.G.P. Grey)

5 Historical Misconceptions Rundowns (C.G.P. Grey)




Count Chocula Rant (Drowning in Footwear)

How Does Night Vale Confront Us With The Unknown? (PBS Idea Channel)

On Curating Comments And Chats (Digibro)



Anime Analysis


If You Want To Diversify Your Anime Viewing, Stick To Shows With 11 or 22 Episodes (Digibro)

The First Fullmetal Alchemist Adaptation Had A Shitty Ending (Digibro)

When You See It, You’ll Shit Bricks – Look-Alike Roles (Digibro)

Working!!’s Weaker Izaya (Digibro)

The Unbearable Emptiness of Finishing Katanagatari (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—Weird; Layer 01—Lain the Island Genius (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—Girls; Layer 02—Lain the Quiet Lie (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—Psyche; Layer 03—Lain’s Decision-Making (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—Religion; Layer 04—Lain the Connected (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—Distortion; Layer 05—Arrival of Nyarlathotep (Digibro)

A Study of Pantless Nanoha (Digibro)

What’s Missing From Four Eps of Suisei No Gargantia (Digibro)

Between Four Shows That Look Alike, Saint Seiya Omega Has the Worst Traits (Digibro)


Video Game Analysis


Why No Couples In Games? (Yahtzee)

Game Journalism Is Failing Us (Errant Signal)

The Trouble With Flow-Based Games (Digibro)

Dying In Games (Digibro)

Ludonarrative Dissonance and Game Vocabulary Criticism (Errant Signal)

The Opening Arcs of Three Mass Effects (Digibro)

Why Grinding Is Fun…? (Digibro)

A Tale Of Two Indie Communities (Errant Signal)

Male Protagonists (Yahtzee)

No But Seriously, Why Am I Not On TV? (Errant Signal)

A “Quick” Review of Bioshock Infinite (Digibro)

AARPG – Mass Effect Review (Digibro)


Culture Analysis


Works As Context For One-Another (Digibro)

Difficulty Begets Hot-Blooded Fandoms (Digibro)

On Loving the Idea of a Character or Show More Than the Reality (Digibro)


Educational Posts


On Bitcoin, Illegal Drugs, and First Impressions (CGP Grey)


Other Analysis


Not Videogames: Theme Parks And Haunted Houses (Errant Signal)


Culture Analysis


On Liking Weird Shit (Digibro)


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