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Culture Analysis


Is There An Introvert Craze Because of Technology? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is the Internet Making Us Smarter? (PBS Idea Channel)

TUN: Cyberpunk Is Back (MrBtongue)

Why Do We Love Zombies? (PBS Idea Channel)

How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful? (PBS Idea Channel)


Video Game Analysis


Ocarina of Time – N64 vs. 3DS and the Feeling of Movement (Digibro)

An Aimless Diatribe On Fun (Errant Signal)

QuickTime Events Suck! (JonTron)

Resident Evil 5 (Errant Signal/Hyperbithero)

Winstates (Errant Signal)

Dead Space: Empowerment Doesn’t Equal Satisfaction (The Gaming Brit)

TUN: Mostly Not Broken (MrBtongue)

Adventure! Action! RPG! – Nier Review (Digibro)

Peak Star Wars (Errant Signal)

TUN: Genre vs. Literature (MrBtongue)

That’s No Game… (Errant Signal)

My Top 10 Least Favorite Pokemon (Tamashii Hiroka)

How Pidgey “Proves” Darwinian Evolution (Game Theory)

Can Video Games Become the Next Great Spectator Sport? (PBS Idea Channel)

Doom (Errant Signal)

Mass Effect 2: Zombie Shepard (Game Theory)

Critical Close-Up: Doom and Rage (Part 1) (Super Bunnyhop)

Critical Close-Up: Doom and Rage (Part 2) (Super Bunnyhop)

Stay awhile, and listen to me gripe about Diablo 3 (MrBtongue)

The Legend of Zelda Comparison (Matthewmatosis)

My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon (Tamashii Hiroka)

Ocarina of Time Review (Matthewmatosis)

Adventure! Action! RPG! – The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Digibro)

Journey and Dear Esther Comparison (Matthewmatosis)

Gone Home (Errant Signal)

Call of Duty: Modern War Crimes (Game Theory)

Critical Close-Up: Metal Gear Solid (Part 1) (Super Bunnyhop)

Critical Close-Up: Metal Gear Solid (Part 2) (Super Bunnyhop)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Review (Matthewmatosis)

TUN: A Tale of Two Companies (MrBtongue)

5 Reasons Not To Get Hyped For the PS4 (Super Bunnyhop)

The Wind Waker Review (Matthewmatosis)

Zero Punctuation: Amnesia The Dark Descent (Yahtzee)

Metal Gear Solid 3 Review (Matthewmatosis)

Disney Infinity (Errant Signal)

Adventure! Action! RPG! – Xenoblade Chronicles (Digibro)

Twilight Princess Review (Matthewmatosis)

Mass Effect 3 Indoctrination Theory: Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage (MrBtongue)

Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage: Additional Clarity and Closure (MrBtongue)

TUN: Extended Complaining (MrBtongue)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review (Matthewmatosis)

Migraine Reviews (Drowning in Footwear)

Review: Papers, Please (Super Bunnyhop)

Pokemon Universe Explained (Tamashii Hiroka)

Mirror’s Edge (Errant Signal)

The Flaws of No More Heroes 2 (The Gaming Brit)

Talking Point: Is No More Heroes 2 Deliberately Tedious? (The Gaming Brit)

6 Horrible Boss Battles (JonTron)

Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line (Yahtzee)

Demon’s Souls Review (Drowning in Footwear)

Catherine Review (Matthewmatosis)

Bastion (Errant Signal)

Zero Punctuation: God of War III (Yahtzee)

Does Animal Crossing Promote Otaku Citizenship? (PBS Idea Channel)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Errant Signal)

Zero Punctuation: Animal Crossing New Leaf (Yahtzee)

Review: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (Super Bunnyhop)

Fart Rocket Physics With the Wario Waft (Game Theory)

Deus Ex: Invisible War (Errant Signal)

Walking Dead, Killing Zombies (Game Theory)

Valve’s Steam Machines: Preparing For An Ominous Future (Super Bunnyhop)

Zero Punctuation: Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Yahtzee)

Why Living On Bioshock Infinite’s Floating City Would SUCK (Game Theory)

Xbox One: It’s One More Reason Not To Get Hyped (Super Bunnyhop)

Far Cry 2 (Errant Signal)

Monster Bash Starring Johnny Dash (JonTron)

Zero Punctuation: The Orange Box (Yahtzee)

Review: Divekick (Super Bunnyhop)

DmC: Devil Mey Cry (wuboot) Review (The Gaming Brit)

TF2 Pyro… Male or Female? (Game Theory)

DinoCity BRO!! (JonTron)

How Assassin’s Creed Predicted the Future of Science (Game Theory)

The Perplexing Puzzles of FEZ (Super Bunnyhop)

Home Improvement (JonTron)

Post-E3 Game Industry Commentary (Super Bunnyhop)

Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees (Game Theory)

Mighty Maxed Out (JonTron)

Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions (Super Bunnyhop)

How Much is Minecraft’s Diamond Armor Worth? (Game Theory)

Bubsy Collection (JonTron)

Why the Official Zelda Timeline Is Wrong (Game Theory)

Joe and Mac Retrospective (JonTron)


Film Analysis


Birdemic: The Best Worst Movie Ever (JonTron)

Jurassic Park: The Lost Potential (JonTron)

Half in the Bag Episode 43: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (Red Letter Media)

Half in the Bag Episode 20: What’s Your Number? and Black Ninja (Red Letter Media)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Pacific Rim” (Digibro)

Half in the Bag Episode 55: Man of Steel (Red Letter Media)

Half in the Bag Episode 36: The Dark Knight Rises (Red Letter Media)

Half in the Bag Episode 17: The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars Discussion (Red Letter Media)

The Wolverine: The Movie Review (Drowning in Footwear)

Cop Dog (Red Letter Media)

Mr. Plinkett – Star Trek Into Reference (Red Letter Media)


TV Show Analysis


Is B-Mo From Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism? (PBS Idea Channel)

Is Community A Post-Modern Masterpiece? (PBS Idea Channel)

Connecting Facial Expressions- Avatar: the Last Airbender (Grant Beaudette)


Music Analysis


Music or Meme? (The Needle Drop)

Is Sad Music Actually Sad? (PBS Idea Channel)

Do Messages Matter? (The Needle Drop)

Frances the Mute – The Mars Volta [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 1] (Digibro)

Accessible vs. Experimental vs. Inaccessible vs. Mainstream (The Needle Drop)

Oceanic – Isis [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 2] (Digibro)

Is Hatsune Miku A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey? (PBS Idea Channel)

Leitmotif – Dredg [Digi’s Favorite Albums, Ep. 3] (Digibro)

Originality? (The Needle Drop)

Taste = Character? (The Needle Drop)

Hype: Good or Bad? (The Needle Drop)


My Little Pony Analysis


Thoroughly Analyzing “Look Before You Sleep” (Digibro)

What Applejack and Rainbow Dash’s Cutie Marks Should’ve Been (Digibro)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Snowdrop” (Digibro)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Too Many Pinkie Pies” (Digibro)

Antibrony Equation (Antony C)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Double Rainboom” (Digibro/Tommy Oliver)

Canterlot Wedding 2: The Big Fix (Tommy Oliver/Antony C/Digibro)

Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity? (PBS Idea Channel)

MLP Animation Analysis: Da Magics (Grant Beaudette)

Observations on MLP: Destiny (Digibro)

Fanfic Review: “Vinyl and Octavia: University Days” (Digibro)

Luna the Dreamwalker (Tommy Oliver)

Analysing Applejack (Clover Keen)

Thoroughly Fanboying “Applebuck Season” (Digibro)

Overthinking My Little Pony: Griffon the Brush-Off (Rookiewompus)

Analyzing “Ask Princess Molestia and Gamer Luna” (Digibro)

Analyzing “Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie” (Digibro)

What Is A Cutie Mark? (Tommy Oliver)

Overthinking My Little Pony: Fall Weather Friends (Rookiewompus)

MLP Animation Analysis: Painting Zip Lines (Grant Beaudette)

Thoroughly Analyzing “Magic Duel” (Digibro)

A Counter Analysis of Boast Busters (Clover Keen)

Celestia, Luna, and the History of Equestria (Tommy Oliver)

Overthinking My Little Pony: Princess Cadence and Alicorns (Rookiewompus)

MLP Animation Analysis: Applejack Throws A Hay Bale (Grant Beaudette)

Observations on MLP: Authorial Intent (Digibro)

The Crystal Empire Review (Drowning in Footwear)

Update 2600 (Antony C)

Random Headcanons/Wishful Thinking: Why Some Ponies Get Their Cutie Marks Late (Digibro)


Educational Videos


The Debt Limit Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

Can Texas Secede From the Union? (C.G.P. Grey)

Primary Elections Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

How To Pronounce Uranus (C.G.P. Grey)

The (Secret) City of London Part One: History (C.G.P. Grey)

What Is A Leap Year? (C.G.P. Grey)

The European Union Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

Mixed Member Proportional Representation Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

Vatican City Explained (C.G.P. Grey)

What Are Continents? (C.G.P. Grey)

How To Become Pope (C.G.P. Grey)

10 Misconceptions Rundown (C.G.P. Grey)

8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown (C.G.P. Grey)

How Scotland Joined Great Britain (C.G.P. Grey)




Wrestlemania 29 – The Best Wrestlemania This Year! (Drowning in Footwear)



Anime Analysis


Revisiting That Vampire Loli In the Crazy Bathroom (Nise 4 Redux) (Digibro)

First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—KIDS; Layer, 06—Plunging Into Wired (Digibro)

Diary of an Anime Finished: Gatekeepers 21 and the Boogiepop Worldview (Digibro)

How My Tastes Stand Up To The Common Fan’s (Digibro)

Fate/Zero Episode 2 – Cthulhu Reigns (Digibro)

Digi-chan Check! Secred Seven Episode One (Digibro)

Kanbe Mamoru’s Cardcaptor Sakura Eps (Digibro)

Manga Pages: Yumekui Merry Chapters 1–3 (Digibro)

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita’s Potential (Digibro)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nonaha The Movie 1st Review (Digibro)

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! (Digibro)

In Medaka Box NISIOISIN Does Goddere (Digibro)

Disorganized Thoughts About Tsuritama (Digibro)

I Did Right By Queen’s Blade and Dropped It Nonetheless (Digibro)


Video Game Analysis


Games That Are Their Own Reward (Digibro)

Of Metaphors and Mario RPGs (Yahtzee)

I Love My Pink Gay Elf (Digibro)

Your Game Music is Bland and You Should Feel Bad (Yahtzee)

Stuck at the End of Two Platformers (Digibro)

Metroid: Zero Mission – Fear and Power (Digibro)

The Meaning of EP (of Sword and Sworcery) (Digibro)

Manly Vs. Macho in Gears (Yahtzee)

On Linearity and Content and Half-Life 2 (Errant Signal)

Terrible Design Choices at the Beginning of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Digibro)

A Machine For Pigs: Daddy, Please Don’t Kill Me (Yahtzee)

An Unbiased Review of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment (Digibro)

Darksiders Is A Slightly More Effective Mindless Action Game Than Minesweeper (Digibro)

Character Design (Yahtzee)

Killer7 Is Awesome But Seriously, Fuck This Game (Digibro)

Izuna 2 Gets Old Quick (Digibro)

AARPG – Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (Digibro)

Idle Chatter Builds Character (Yahtzee)

Why Randomly Generated Content Sucks (Yahtzee)

Elves and Dwarves Don’t Define Fantasy (Yahtzee)


Culture Analysis


The Fandom of Media vs. The Cult of the Work (Digibro)


Film Analysis


A Battle of Giants in The Raid: Redemption (Digibro)


Music Analysis


Some Stuff About Silversun Pickups, Neck of the Woods (Digibro)

Albums of 2012 (Digibro)


Book Analysis


The Way of Shadows Review (Digibro)


Educational Posts


Thoughts On The Current State of Sync (CGP Grey)


Other Analysis


CHICKENGATE 2013 – Chick-fil-A vs. Hardees vs. McDonald’s vs. KFC vs. Wendy’s vs. Sonic vs. Arby’s (Digibro)

MFW All of My Favorite Shows Have the Same Narrative Structure (Digibro)


Film Analysis



Disneycast Episode 2: Dumbo, Bambi, and Cinderella (Digibro)

Disneycast Episode 1: Snow White Pinocchio, and Fantasia (Digibro)

Disneycast Episode 3: Package Films (Digibro)


Music Analysis


My Top 100 Favorite Songs (And Brandon Tolentinos) (Digibro)


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